Your Weekly Laudato Si’: 10/25

Each week I will highlight of an important passage from Pope Francis’ letter on ecology, Laudato Si (Our Common Home), offering practical suggestions for families to translate these ideas into prayer and action.

Everything is Connected

Authentic development has a moral character. It presumes full respect for the human person, but it must also be concerned for the world around us and “take into account the nature of each being and of its mutual connection in an ordered system.(5)

An important theme of this encyclical is that everything in creation is connected. Human development and flourishing does not come at the expense of, but depends on the health of the water, air, soil and other organisms.


Take time to praise God for everything in the world that we depend upon for survival. Challenge younger family members make a list or draw everything they can think of that we need to survive (i.e. water, air, various animals, plants, trees, etc). Scientists call the network of relationships in nature an ecosystem. Conclude the prayer in thanksgiving to our Creator who provides for our needs through the many ecosystems we inhabit.


According to The American Lung Association, despite all of the progress that has been made as a result of the Clean Air Act, 125 million people in the United States live where the air is unhealthy for them to breath. According to research presented to the American Association for the Advancement of Science, there are more than 5.5 million deaths around the globe annually that can be tied to air pollution.

  • Check your local air quality report, especially if you live in the city.
  • This video explains air pollution to kids.


The current administration and some in Congress seek to undermine the Clean Air Act and threaten progress made over nearly five decades.

As of October, 2017:

  • The President has proposed to cut EPA’s budget by 31 percent, including dramatic cuts for state air pollution grants that fund air quality monitoring.
  • The current Director of the EPA wants to “repeal” the Clean Power Plan, a flexible path for the states to reduce carbon pollution from power plants approximately 32 percent (below 2005 levels) by 2030.
  • The EPA has withdrawn its request for updated information on emissions from new oil and gas facilities.

Send a message to your local congressmen and to the White House: Protect the Clean Air Act. Urge them to support healthier air and oppose measures to block or delay the cleanup of air pollution. 

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