Around the Web, 11/15

Black Lives Madonna

America has a very interesting article on the “Black Madonna” tradition living on in modern Catholic art.

It Was Not Better Back Then

Was the period leading up to the Second Vatican Council a golden era of Catholicism? Is the termoil that followed Vatican II unique in the history of Ecumenical Councils?  In, “Was it Better Back Then?” for Commonweal, Massimo Faggioli is rad-trad myth buster. There really needs to be a full length book on this topic.

Seasonal Music

I’m really digging the music of Tenhi lately. They are Finnish “neofolk” band. Beautiful, melancholic, transcendent; they capture the transition from fall to winter.

Mountaineer Catholicism

The Tablet has a cool story about a climbing club founded by a mountaineer priest. I hope to some day be a part of a ministry like this.

Pirates in Canada?

The Guardian has an interesting read on one of the repercussions of climate change in Canada: river piracy. Let’s just say it’s not what you think.