Around the Web, 11/24

 The Sea Bicycle

This take off-road biking to a new level.

The Victims First

The entertainment industry and political class seem to be facing the level of scrutiny unseen since the Catholic sex abuse scandals hit in the early 2000s. Catholic blogger Sr. Theresa Aletheia Noble, FSP writes, “Don’t use victims twice: Sexual assault allegations are not rocks for public stoning”  – a reminder that the needs of the victims should always come first, lest any intoxication with vengeance cloud the pursuit of justice.

Mitigating circumstances

Philosopher Buttiglione makes the excellent point about the criticisms of Amoris Laetitia: that the admittance of some divorced and remarried to communion is not an innovation in teachings regarding the permanence of marriage or “worthiness” for communion.

“I believe that, thanks to my book and Cardinal Müller’s preface, for the first-time critics have been forced to respond and cannot deny one point: there are mitigating circumstances in which a mortal sin (a sin that would otherwise be mortal) becomes a lighter sin, a venial sin. There are therefore some cases in which remarried divorcees can (through their confessor and after an adequate spiritual discernment) be considered in God’s grace and therefore deserving of receiving the sacraments. It seems a shocking novelty, but it is a doctrine entirely – I dare say hard-rock – traditional”.

From an interview in Lastampa.

Outdoors and Diversity

CNN addresses the diversity problem in the outdoors and its consequences for our nation’s health.


Lovers of the Piano, Unite!

Check out my wife Megan’s awesome blog about all things piano related.