Around the Web 12/13

Feast of St. Lucy

Kids will have no trouble remembering the saint with the eyeballs!

Why are there eyeballs on that platter??? The legends surrounding the 4th century martyr addressed on Catholic Online.

St. Lucy’s day is associated with candles and bonfires; we’ll be roasting marshmallows tonight.


The Splendor of Miniature Books

Sometimes, the most impractical things are also the most alluring:

Our Lady of Guadalupe

My favorite, and probably the most biblical, image of Our Lady. Her feast was on the 12th. American published “10 Things to Know About the Virgin of Guadalupe.

“Despite his canonization in 2002, there is no hard evidence St. Juan Diego ever existed.
In fact, at the time of the controversial canonization the abbot of the basilica, Guillermo Schulenberg, resigned, claiming that Juan Diego had never existed and “is only a symbol.” The Aztec peasant was canonized, nonetheless, as part of a strategy to retain indigenous Catholics in Mexico and across Latin America who have been defecting in droves to Protestantism, especially Pentecostalism.”

I think it is important to acknowledge the dynamics at play with this devotion while still respecting a very important expression of popular Christianity in the Americas.  On the topic of the growth of Pentecostalism in Latin America, here are some interesting statistics from Pew Research Center.

The Marathon Monks of Japan

Buddhist monks make the daily circuit of Mount Hiei, in a form of walking meditation.


Wood Connoisseur

For those who like to have a good fire burning in the hearth or fire pit, a guide to the varieties of firewood.


Incarnation and the Torah

Rabbi Meir Y. Soloveichik writes on the experience of incarnation in Judaism for First Things.