My name is Brian Desmarais. Welcome to my website.

I spent much of my younger years wandering the woods, fields and dunes of our New England coastal town, enthralled by the beauty of the natural world. At college, I explored the mountains of Maine and New Hampshire, encountering God in the wild places. While I found a measure of peace and freedom in nature, I worried about the future of our planet, and wondered how I could possibly make any difference.

As I rediscovered my faith in Christ after college, I began to make the connection between the God I met in nature and the incredible story of Jesus Christ from my Catholic formation.

Now in my thirties, I live in a Mid-Western city with a growing family. I still struggle with how to make a difference and worry about what kind of future we are giving our children. I hope to cultivate in my children a love for God, for all humanity, and respect the earth; no easy task in our consumerist/throw-away culture! I hope that sharing my own journey might in some ways be helpful to others navigating faith and hope in the modern world.

I blog about a wide variety of interests: Contemplative prayer, parenting, Scripture, nature, ecology, urban farming, photography, etc.